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Siding, Soffit, Fascia and Eavestrough



supplier_logo-gentekFor over 40 years, “Royal Building Products” has been committed to designing quality products that reflect our standard of excellence. Their products will not only enhance your home, but they are also durable and require little maintenance. “Royal Building Products” offers many colour choices, styles and options and the siding comes with their exclusive, fully transferrable, “Non-Prorated, Lifetime Warranty. It covers replacement materials, labour and Lifetime Hail Protection.
Royal Building Products


Royal offers soffit material in vinyl and “Alumipro” aluminum. Both mediums come solid or vented and create maintenance-free overhangs. Vented soffits with the use of “morevents” help to promote proper roof ventilation. Various colours and profiles are available.


Royal’s “Alumipro” heavy gauge (.023) aluminum flatstock is used to custom bend fascia for the individual homeowner to assure a clean professional look that will compliment any colour of siding or other veneer. A wide range of colours is available.


Royal’s “Alumipro” is a seamless 5” or 6” product that nicely compliments their siding and soffit offerings. The eavestroughs have various downpipe accessories, come in a wide range of colours and use today’s technology sealants and fastening systems. “Alumipro” won’t blister, flake, peel or crack and the finishes are virtually maintenance-free, covered by a 25-year Prorated Limited Warranty.

If you have to constantly clean out your eavestrough to keep them from clogging or have they have been damaged by snow and ice, then “Alu-rex” T-Rex and Gutter Clean may be what you are looking for. T-Rex (M5200) can support the weight of ice and snow and is designed to be used in conjunction with the installation of new eavestroughs. Gutter Clean (M5500) is designed for installation on existing eavestrough and features a PVC “Flex Seal” that seals tightly to the back of the eavestrough to keep out leaves and debris.
Alu rex

Last updated: May 19, 2015