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Awnings, Patio Covers and Carports


Our aluminum awnings have been manufactured and installed since 1962; all custom made to fit over doors, patios and windows.
Covers that work beautifully. Our “Contempo” aluminum awnings have been manufactured and installed since we opened in 1962. All are custom made to cover windows, doors, porches and small patio areas.
Aluminum window awnings protect your furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays and help reduce air conditioning costs. Door and porch awnings help make your entrance more hospitable. Your and friends won’t get soaked waiting to come in during inclement weather.
Craft-Bilt Canada

Patio Covers and Carports

Panelcraft and Northlander Skyview Roof Systems
Enjoy your patio more often on hot or rainy days and keep your outdoor furnishings clean and dry. These patio covers are custom made to suit your patio area in Studio Style or A-Frame configurations and are Building Code compliant.


3″, 4½” and 6″ insulated roof panels have built-in gutter systems that come in white, desert sand and earthstone colours. Colour matched 2 ¼” and 3” square structural support post and beams finish off the installation with a clean look. Shingling of the roof system to match your house roof over OSB sheathing and ice and water shield is available to blend the new outdoor space with your home.
The “Panelcraft” roof system is also ideally suited as an affordable carport. Professionally installed, these carports protect your car from the elements and keep it cooler in summer.

Northlander Skyview

Roof System maximizes your exposure to nature while protecting you from the elements. 16mm triple wall panels offer three tint ranges and the five wall Silhouette Pearl panels offer the lowest light transmission, best shading coefficiency and best UV protection.

Both roof systems can also be enclosed with our “Vista” screen wall system or add a “Betterliving” Patio Room or Sunroom to further extend your protected enjoyment of the outdoors.

Last updated: February 22, 2013